Long time no see everyone. Send me the ling to your favorite fan fics, imagines, and prefs in my inbox! Iv’e read alot but i want to take an opportunity to see others that i havent. So go send me links!!

amc-1996 said: Hello there, can I have a ship please:) I am 5'7, and i have medium reddish purple hair, that has long layers and i have brown eyes. I am very shy and closed off at first, but once i get comfortable I am very random and crazy, I am very sweet and gentle, but don't mess with me i will put someone in their place if needed. I am the one people go to to vent to and ask for advice. I also love singing and reading, if I am bored. Please and thank you:)

Two-Bit! He loves that you’re sweet but can be sassy when you want to be.
Bestfriend: Steve
Secret Admirer: Steve

haptic-euphoria said: Hi idk if I've asked you to ship me but would you?...I'm 5'6 brown hair/eyes im not skinny & that makes me insecure um I love classic rock & vinyls, I really like painting & English is my best subject, I do have a temper but i try to be calm & nice.

Ponyboy! He loves your originality and style
Bestfriend: Johnny
Secret Admirer: Two-Bit